Friday, February 27, 2009

Scots beat Azurri

Scots beat Azurri
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Scotland's Ashleigh McCulloch carves through the Italian defence as the Scots under 20 side beat Italy at Dens Park in Dundee.


Shaun Ward said...

Hi David

How did you find shooting rugby instead of the usual fare. Also how did you get on at the Forfar/Rangers game- get some good images?


David Young said...

Shooting the rugby was a lot of fun, international sport at any age group if always of a decent quality and I was very impressed with the Italians' defence - Scotland took a long time to get on top but that was a good thing because it meant a dramatic finish for the crowd - who were really noisy.

The SRU also supplied plenty of steak pies and cups of tea etc. - which is always welcome - and a nice change at Dens where photographers don't get fed and watered at half time.

Forfar was good, the temporary lights were excellent and there were lots of good photo opportunities away from the actual action - Rangers didn't run away with it until late on when the Forfar left back was sent off so all in all a decent night.