Friday, February 27, 2009

Scots beat Azurri

Scots beat Azurri
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Scotland's Ashleigh McCulloch carves through the Italian defence as the Scots under 20 side beat Italy at Dens Park in Dundee.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"We love Dick"

"We love Dick"
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"We Love Dick" - Forfar Athletic fans show their support for manager Dick Campbell during the Homecoming Scottish Cup 5th round tie between Forfar Athletic and Rangers at Station Park.

Forfar put in extra floodlights for SKY TV coverage and very good they were, and an extra boost was the speed of '3' mobile broadband inside Forfar's Station Park - it actually was close to real broadband speed.

And the bridies were excellent.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who you gonna call?

Dundee United 0 Motherwell 4

The bugger wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get the whole sign in the frame with him in front of it, took ages to hunt him down.

It's a pic I've been after for more than an year - ever since spotting the sign at United v Gretna prior to Christmas last year, after it went to 4-0 today there wasn't going to be anything that mattered on the pitch so i had time to play about and stalked Mr Zaluska.

PS: I actually had an idea for a similar pic when I shot United v Celtic at the end of last season - If it had all gone wrong for Celtic that night I'd have been looking for a pic with the front row of the top part of that stand with their heads in their hands and the sign in front of them.

Today was a fun day to shoot football, though I obviously realise it wasn't a good day for those of a Tangerine hue.

I sampled a chicken balti pie on the recommendation of the regular Tannadice shooters and it was outstanding.

Early in the match I noticed the Motherwell 'Ultras' laughing at something going on behind me in the 'free tickets for schoolkids' Shed end and looked round to see a group of six/seven year olds giving the 'Well fans the finger - sadly my reactions weren't good enough and I missed the pic.

When Motherwell scored one of their goals the aforementioned 'Ultras' set off a yellow smoke bomb which led to some nice pics - the stewards in their wisdom decided to extinguish the incendiary device inside the away stand - Which meant that the normal way for photographers to get to the wire room to transmit pics at half time was closed, we got an escort out into the street and back in through the outside door.

Loads of pics to transmit at half time (unusually large amount) which was just as well because their wasn't much to photograph after the interval.

Got an email from the picture desk praising my pics and thanking me (unusual) - turns out the guy on duty was a 'Well fan.