Sunday, June 29, 2008

Down in the Metro

Down in the Metro
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Just a holiday snap - A family of Spanish football fans look downcast while waiting for their train at Colon metro station after leaving the Madrid Fanzone at half time of the Euro 2008 match against Greece with Spain a goal down. Spain came back to win 2-1.

Spain went on to win Euro 2008, because I was going to Madrid I wanted Spain to win from the start - I wish I'd put money on them.

My missus is superb, she doesn't like real heat an awful lot and she's not a big fitba fan but she agreed to go to the fan zone to watch the match and it was gettting on for 90 degrees at 8.45 local time (kick off) - it was still really hot at half time and we headed back into town to find a bar to watch the second half - lots of Spaniards did the same.

I was jealous as hell when BBC showed the fanzone at full time tonight - outside being in the stadium the Madrid "Cuatro fanzone" would have been the best place in the World to be at full time.

Madrid is probably the most enjoyable city I've ever spent time in - and I say that despite getting robbed by one of the city's fine pickpockets.

Spain's Capital city is gorgeous, lots to see and lovely weather - it's best feature is the best cafe society in Europe at night - you can get fed after midnight and sitting on a terraza with a cana of beer late in the evening in warm weather is quality.

You won't meet many Brits and you should make an effort to try to speak Spanish - both of them are plus points for me.