Monday, December 29, 2008


I went to London to attend an off camera lighting seminar given by David Hobby who writes the Strobist blog at at the start of December and in the pub afterwards some of the guys from the London Strobist group had a copy of 'Platons Republic' - a big book of the work of a guy who has shot portraits of some seriously famous people, I only got a minute or two to browse the book but got myself a copy second hand from last week. In the last few pages of the book Platon has added handwritten notes telling the reader a little about how the shoots went and it's interesting stuff.

American photographer Vincent Laforet recorded Platon speaking at the Eddie Adams Workshop in the States recently and it's a great listen - click here to enjoy it and here to visit Platon's website.

BTW - the pic is mine - it's 14 year old World Champion kickboxer Chris Weir of TNS Dundee - shot with off camera lighting.

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