Saturday, December 10, 2005

Waiting for the train no more

Starting a new job in Dundee in December 19th will be a delight, but most people I've told have been wrong when they have commented that "You'll be glad to not have to commute to Aberdeen anymore". I've actually really enjoyed getting the train from Dundee to the Granite City every working day in the last six months. The 6.34am Virgin Train is an ideal way to travel, it's clean, not too busy and the staff are polite. They have electric points so you can use your laptop without draining the battery - and off course you can be asleep within minutes of taking your seat. That's the option I often take.

The trip back via the 5.22pm Scotrain train isn't as good, it's busy, dirty and an old train, but it still does the job of getting you from A to D and it sure as hell beats driving to and from work. Posted by Picasa

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